Daguyue Trade Conducting training activities on fire-fighting facilities


The fire fighting facilities involved are mainly the fire fighting electrical control device, fire fighting pump device and fire fighting water belt one key start device. Manager Ni of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department gave a detailed explanation of the operation process and usage of the fire fighting electrical control device to the staff present, and carried out on-site operation demonstration, as well as the precautions that must be observed when turning on the fire fighting pumps, namely: firstly, make sure that the valve is in the open state, the water level of the fire fighting water tank must reach more than half, and the pressure of the pressure gauge must be up to 4 MPa.

The fire facilities training activities are planned to carry out eight to ten, each department according to the work schedule, each period to send staff to participate in, try to achieve full coverage to ensure that the important positions of the staff have a clearer understanding of the fire facilities to achieve the training of the staff to participate in the understanding of the fire, everyone will operate.

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